DCA offers a three-year-old kindergarten (K3) and four-year-old kindergarten (K4) program.  Students will need to be three by August 31st to enroll in K3 and four by August 31st to enroll in K4.

Our K3 and K4 classes use curriculum which addresses both the socialization and readiness skills children need to develop before entering a formal education program. Such skills are taught through the use of themed activities, many of which are hands-on, covering a variety of topics.

Our children are taught Bible stories and will begin to memorize verses from the Bible. Instruction in phonics is included in our pre-school. By the end of K4, the children will be emerging readers.

Kindergarten CURRICULUM

DCA offers a full-day five-year-old kindergarten (K5) program. Students will need to be five by August 31st to enroll in K5. Kindergarten students will be tested for readiness prior to acceptance in kindergarten.

Our K5 class uses Bob Jones University Press curriculum for most core subjects.  IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) is used to teach the foundations of grammar and composition, and Positive Action for Christ curriculum for Bible.  Kindergarten students will also enjoy participating in enrichment classes such as Spanish, physical education, music, and art.

The K5 program continues to build upon the skills learned in K3 and K4 with a greater focus placed on critical and logical thinking skills. The goal for students completing the K5 program is to have the necessary thinking and processing skills that are foundational to learning and academic success.

k5 - 10th grade CURRICULUM

DCA offers an elementary school program from grades first through fifth. Bob Jones University Press curriculum is used in the elementary program for core subjects.  The IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) curriculum is used extensively for instruction in grammar and composition. Positive Action for Christ curriculum is used for Bible.

Each class is a traditional, self-contained classroom with some classrooms multi-grade. The elementary school offers a strong academic program of studies in reading, math, language arts, science, and social studies.

Grades sixth through tenth comprise DCA’s upper school. In the Upper school, a variety of curricula is used to ensure that the students are being adequately challenged in the courses required.  With the addition of high school beginning in the 2018 – 2019 school year, students successfully completing the high school program at DCA will be prepared for entering college or the workforce.

Enrichment instruction is offered to all kindergarten, all elementary, and upper school students through classes in Spanish, physical education, music, computer literacy, and art. All students from K3 to high school attend weekly chapel services.

All new students will take an entrance test to determine their academic background.